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M. I. N. I. M. A. L.
Minimal (minimal) minimal (minimal)
M. I. N. I. M. A. L.
Minimal (minimal) minimal]

White on white
Odd World
we get a living
that came in our possession

P. L. A. Y. S. T. A. T. I. O. N.
P. L. A. Y. S. T. A. T. I. O. N.
P. L. A. Y. S. T. A.
and start over again
Yeah fill it up and start over again and again

All night!
R. A. D. I. O.
Hit me hard and hit me low
Static engine blow the scene, rumble
It is Hugh McSheepshagger
from Bolton 

Next up, Mr. A. Ordinary from Whitefield
Next up, Mr. A. Ordinary from Whitefield 

Judy's bastard
driving me insane
Disguising Hell as pain

Mistress of the whip
Feeling my willpower slip
Tightening your grip

S. A. D. I. S. T.
Mistress of the whip
B. I. L. L. I. E. H. O. L. I. D. A. Y.
B. I. L. L. I. E. H. O. L. I. D. A. Y.
B. I. L. L. I. E. H. O. L. I. D. A. Y.
B. I. L. L. I. E. H. O. L. I.
Get Rich Quick 2:15 Trk 25
(J. Feather, L. Feather)
Little Richard (Richard Penniman)
Little Richard - vocal
W. Mays - trumpet, F. Jackson - ten. sax
yeah yeah yeah)
Are-A-T-T F-I-N-K, rat fink.

You fink!

I say A-B.
A-be	-C.
A-be	-see-D.
A-be	-see-D-E.
A-be	-see-D-E-F-G-H
I say F-I.


He yodeled his way to the C. & A.
The Lackawanna and I. C.
He rode a rattler called the Cannon Ball
Then he yodeled on the M. K.
of place that I could call home.

Down at richards, cactus fly
We jammed together all night long
Southern people have a real good time
Grab your stuff
to toe, 
I'm U. S. A. and C. I. O. 
Fightin' out here on the waters to win some freedom on the land.
Turn on my V.C.R.
Same one I've had for years
James Brown on the T. A. M. I. show
Same tape I've had for years
I sit in my old car
Same one I've
I. D. S.
Matter fact, sickest emcee to tear the mic since Eric Wright
You guest appearing? Bring fire cause I ain't sharing light
Arrogant with
and the women in Louisiana,
D-C, V-A, Motorcity, to the Lou what it do from the blow like waco,
Chi Town going way low, both cacalacas, Alabama to the M. I. A.
is my nu style Here is my nu style Here is my nu style, check!!!!!!!!

Ooo N to the izzA. M. I. E
That's my name
You know, who am
packaging, on the back seat
So when my motherfucking friends go and sit on the shit and break it (word?)
I can honestly say

I. Just. Don't. Give. A. Fuck
was sure to go"

"The Distinguished Flying Cross upon Colonel Charles A. Lindberg" 

"Panicked investors ordered their brokers to sell at whatever

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