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you gotta do is read the 

Well, Johnny broke up with Deborah Davis.
She's the quick stop clerk.
She got a ladder and changed all
and some black Jamaican stud
There's five Cinderellas and some leather drags
I almost fell into my mug

There's a Crawford, Davis and a tacky Cary Grant
With Johnny O'Toole and his scar
And then old Clive Davis said
I'm surely gonna make us a star
I'm gonna make you a star
Just the way you are

With Bing Crosby, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr.
(chorus) [the drunks] The rest are solos.

Booze, Mister Booze (Mister Booze), Mister Booze
Sammy Davis Jr. was Mr. Bojangles
(Here is something you can't understand)
Tell me y'all, who's the man?

Who's the man? (The Heavster)
("Time keeps
chew on this
Are you scared?

Devil without cause, and I'm back
With the Beaver hat and Ben Davis slacks
30-pack of Stroh's, 30-pack of hoes
johnny cochran man, I'm tellin you
Gotta get everybody out..

[kool keith]
Chill at home watchin the mets
I'ma tell suge knight to call big kap
Your moms'll save this like your name is Sammy Davis
'Cause I'm guaranteed to rock the microphone
And hit you like ?
I don't gotta bald head
But I'm
jingle, dangle
Sammy Davis Jr. was Mr. Bo jangles
(Here is something you can't understand)
Tell me y'all, who's the man?

Who's the man?
vu qu'on parle Outre-Manche un peu comme des manchots

Et si demain je changeais d'avis, j'me mettais moi aussi à chanter one again
Est-ce que
and ice, cause that's how it is in the Lone Star State 
With a cup full of bar in a candy car, and we jamming on a Robert Davis Grey Tape 


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