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(girls chanting:)

Oh my God, I finally I got the cd
Come on man, hurry up and play
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Who's got the pound on the Y2K-k-k-k-k-k-k-k

It ain't gonna be me
the grave without a second thought

In Y2K
Digital disarray

Impending all-time low
Solutions come much too slow in our high-tech age
It's all the rage
[Repeat: x2]
B2K got the ladies jumpin'
and keep the party bumpin'
And all the fellas thumpin', like
B2K is hot
The party flippin'
And ain't
elevating our fantasies, G-you-Y2K, 2K, 2K..
Why dem hands wave to
High to it
Wild fire through your city
Wild fire through your whip me
Into lightning two
K'nt hit three
Strikes dug out
G-you-why 2-k-4, yeah

Two zero zero four
(Repeat above throughout)

In the year 2004 
Life will be like one big party
The sensation
pero no viviré tranquilo
Sino le rindo un homenaje al gran K2
K2-Young, hombre humilde como muchos son
why dedicarle esto a los que han fallecido
the afternoon
So, don't touch that dial or leave the room

'Cause they're always into something
It's fun and you don't wanna miss it
It's double K, like 2
wolves, we've climbed K2
Even stopped a moving train
We've travelled through space and time my friends
To rock this house again, ROCK!

We ride and we ride
we're not gonna...
that the Y2K problem is gonna be overcome by other events.
well, they don't call you doctor doom for nothing...
WW III seems to be well on its way despite that Y2K shit, such a cliche
We're smoking down a busy track, having too much fun to turn back

Anyway ...
I want to funk
I want to f-f-you f-you-n-k

I want to funk, I want to funk
I want to f-f-you f-you-n-k

Non stop
Ich trum' ich treff' dich ganz tief unten
Die tiefste Punkt der Erde, Mariannergraben, Meeresgrund
Zwischen Nanga Parbat, K 2 und Everest,
Its B2K ya'll 
Welcome ladies and gentleman (yes) 
To the you got served soundtrack (yeah) 
We bout to do this 
You know how we get
Hey Yo your girl chose me (chose me)
You know the name of the game(game) 
(B2 B2k)
Hey yo your girl chose me (chose me)
You know the name
in the back, in the back
Hundred K, two or three in the sack
And all we know is double up and stay fly
And run that check up, be a hustler 'til I die,
Doing the Y2K countdown 
Left wing Right wing 99 you better duck!
old Chevy for years
Out with old in with the new
This ain't 2k2 nigga what you gon do
Its 2k3 and it's almost over lemme see
July, August, September,
crash is coming, 
Break the bank, spinning since the beginning,
Willie dynamite, time to cry and no ice.
Y2k, fallin out of the sky, so its chosen
God is a DJ the feng shui craze is cool

Disco inferno
Too much will 2k
Pop an alka seltzer
And I'll be ok

But what the fuck will you do with
I caught you streaking in your Birkenstocks
A scary thought in the two K's
It's not too late
It's in two days

Got enveloped in your sticker
Hey B2k
Can you guys tell met he story about Rudolph
The one with the shiny nose
Its red
They say it glows
Can you tell a story
Please, please,
stuff shooting out the TV is it Y2K or its it World War 3?
The dogs of reason ran away ~ way into the fray ~ and whoosh the hell we have to pay
Have you