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no reason, has no rhyme 
My love cross the double line 
Love is a mine of gold 
Love is a man to hold 
Love is a drowning soul 
Love is it's own

White line
Double time
Come around with a hammerdown


Last night saw me in Detroit
Hotel bar lookin' good
Well I
reason, has no rhyme"
My love crossed the double line

Love is a minor chord
Love is a man to hold
Love is a drawn sword
Love is it's own reward
for your call
Don't wait on me
Wait on me
I'm top secret
I'm top secret

Double agent's got a line on me
Double trouble it's not enough
no reason has no rhyme 
My love crossed the double line 

Love is a minor chord 
Love is a mental ward 
Love is a drawn sword 
Love is it's own
on the double yellow line.
(pass me on the double yellow line)
Pass me on the double yellow line.


The pride and joy is green and white,
someone who'll hold me when the day turns to night
I need someone who loves me more than you do

Oh we say that's not true
And you and me in line
surprisin' by a mile
But I can't be wastin' time I gotta keep moving on down that line
Pullin' double's double trouble turnpike miles
Rollin' rollin' rollin'
D-O double G, hoes with double Ds, in line to double D
Twistin' up the old G, about a whole P, until I O.D.
The one they all wanna come and see, hoes
a toaster 
Daddy caught me in the act 
Can you take it? 
Beauty queens get bigger all the time 
Mamma is in a basket, crossed a double 
Yellow line
With a backpack full of yesterdays
On a freeway full of smoke and haze
Where the power lines and fault lines double cross
I left our yellow porch
Too many guys were lost
Who crossed those double lines
Doncha know she's out to prove, she can really score
Never saw parts move, boy

Like that
sterile warnings 
Screaming from her place 
Singing "I want to make you bleed" 

I watched them fall in line, as I fell victim 
To double suicide
All I do is dream inside my radio
Cadillacs and Bonnevilles are making the scene
Lipstick kisses blown across the double line
Landing lightly
have you when I'm gone
Whistle blowing, blowing lonesome in my mind
Calling me along that never ending double line 

Steel Rails, chasing sunshine
Made in Japan.
Slippery when wet.
Save this wrapper to dispose of gum.
All sales final, my pet.

Do not write in this space.
Do not cross double
attention to the signs,
No stopping any time,
Come park that chassis next to mine,
You know, I'm on a double yellow line.

I love your bodywork and,
the highway, doin' sixty-five,
In the middle of the double-white line.
Foot down on the gas and his head in the clouds.
He didn't see the 'one way' sign.
to believe in something
Once I could in our love
Black road
Double yellow line
Friends and kin
Campers in the kitchen
That's fine sometimes
But I know
the highway 
Cross the double yellow line 
Never saw 'em comin' 
Never saw a sign 
Smell of burnin' rubber 
Screamin' to the right 
On the straight
got a one truck trucking line
Running double nickle tryin' to make a dime
Seven long years he's been rollin on
Wondering if he'll ever call someplace
the line
Called the double side
No matter what
We're heads up
We're in
Tell your dogs
They should be aware of us
We break it off like an engagement
Staring down the double line
We're flowing off behind
I never see your face no more
I left you standing on the shore

We made mistakes and now we're
can feel you

You crossed my double yellow line
Traffic caused to swerve, causing me to lose my nerve
The leaves are falling oh so bright
Falling round
You'd better believe that I came to play

Double talk cross the line chatter doesn't matter
I've heard that before
And when our turn comes
We will

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