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There are no mystic jewels, embedded in my prose
No moonlit haloed cherubs, perched on my piano
No lyrics laced with pixie dust, no angels sings
some kind of mystic jewel
And the waiting for a
And the waiting for a
And the waiting for a miracle

You rub the palm of your hand on the grimy pane
Oh you know I need your mystic mind
For you are leading us towards the un-blind
We know that magic is a part of life
Love is won when we aren’t
Forgotten days of my rule, cities
Blazed with gold and jewel
Diamond symbol of riches
Beyond compare

Now I lay cold in this chamber of
to awake and live this life

Caught in silver clouds
Enlightened by a mystic full moon
You designed the horizon
And amaze my minute heart

saddle that was slightly worn

And I pulled my mystic rug right up beside her.

I sat down on a floatin stool

She knealt her head and produced a jewel

pockets, only love for jewels and dough
Catastrophic, the walls came closing in
On all sides, the pressure expose the gem
A war cry was the breath I was
Step outside and glide away 
'Cause nothing's wicked here today 
Mystic lands glowing in the night 
The glory of my wondrous sight 
Bringing me
skins was mad fat
She flipped it, Bronx is equipped with niggas that'll rip shit
Studios get blown from D and D to Mystic
With this shit I'll bomb
Want a jewel, don't be cruel
It's authentic, don't be fooled
By these phony accusations
Backlash and slanders
Front, and they put pits in ya
Medusa's curse I been hard when facin admeasurable odds 
I clearly evolve like Bibby when Webber was Gone 
The jewels keep me cool when the weather is warm
was mad fat
She flipped it, Bronx is equipped with, niggas that'll rip shit
Studios get blown from D&D to Mystic
With this shit, I'll bomb the nation