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Far within the oaken tower
Exists the one with evil power
Magic channeler of earth's frustration
The Druid sleeps in meditation
drown in grievance
On silver waters springs
This despair she sings;

"In oaken chest they keep my grief
Under the thousand tombstones
Where the magic stream flows,
Through the shining woods,
Blue grass of wisdom grows
Around the oaken roots...
Where golden dragons fly
The Glare Of Sunset On The Autumn Night

Behind Deaths Angel, The Sunset-glow Darken, Shadow Thickens Under Oaken Leaves,
Soon The Last Powerstreams
And the top made of oaken wood
And the children sat around this great table
Touched with their laughter
Ah, and that was good

An old man died
the calloused hand of age
You till the ground and bring to home
Muscle flesh and blood to bone
Taste this oaken grain
Grab its horn and not the reins
Cabin For Sale an oaken bucket and well
Easy terms just keep a log on the fire and a light burning bright in the dell
Many years an old couple so
And the table made with oaken wood.
And the children that sat around this great table,
Touched it with their laughter, and that was good.
a pouch of silver coins 
The intense breathing 
Of a dying animal 
A foreboding of afterlife 
Master keys in oaken chest 
The somewhere is mine
The velveteen and oaken soothed the lonely child
The parents watched the escort take him while they stood outside
The priest was kind and gentle
Like snowfall, you cry a silent storm
Your tears paint rivers on this oaken wall
Amber nectar, misery ichor
Cascading in streams of hallowed form
survived who went alive
Over the waterfall, boys
Over the waterfall

So I built myself an oaken barrel
And inside I did crawl
I broke the record but I
of storm
Protect her oaken beams from harm, fill her sail
I a-weary wait upon the shore.

Whither he be in Africa
Or deep asleep in India, fill his dreams
No vows are broken

In a holy place
My soul'd like beams oaken
With imagination
I'll get there

When weary is your world
Go and spin
are spoken
In my father's house
No vows are broken
In a holy place
My sould like beams oaken
With imagination
I'll get there

When weary is your
the enemy,
strong is my sword
the hammer is rising
I feel their cold steel

Now when I leave this world
I shall open the mighty oaken gate
and we all
rediscover their power and charm
To defeat like a sorcerer
Like thousand years ago
oaken castles from millennium before
They will rise once
soon lies a token
That buries three hearts, six feathers
- One oaken
To crack self-made concepts
To hold one great feast
A soak-wet cold fairy gave
lord upon an oaken throne
Grief inside my flame - grasp at my existence
The seal of dawn is broken - fury


A windswept thought
Out in
Like a moth to candle
The summerlands made home
A hollow shell, our utopia
Now empty lies his oaken throne

Veiled in mist, true revelation
graces together with me
They'll find their oaken kingdoms as before
I free my powers when yelling silently
When I fight... thousands of demons, follow
of the hill
Up into the cold wind facing
In stiff battle harness, chained to the world
Against the low sun racing.
Bring me a wheel of oaken wood
A rein
the first degree
Fodder for the oaken box so lined with velvet tapestry

Descent imminent bladder and bowels into pants spent
The glow is waning in your
Midnight suns bid moors farewell, retreats from charging dusk
Mountains echo, curfews bell, signal ending tasks
They place their faith in oaken
meet again sweetheart? When shall we meet again?"
"Ere the oaken leaves that fall from the trees are green and spring up again"

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