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of fences with switches turn them on the moats of your homes poured salt on these slugs mugshot fatigue shimmering pacemaker pace yourself you were
And I saw stars, contrasting blues, and a red wrap you.
One more beat of my heart towards biological pacemaker stress
It turns out we've got
locked arm in arm 
Paired off pacemakers with matchin' alarms 
Gives us jus' one more chance 
To spin one more yarn 
And you know that you're over
Put me in your place
I will never wear your 20th century pacemaker face yeah
You will never bleed 
The spirit out of me
I'm flesh and blood, I'm

Hey there, hey now, hey there, hey now
Well, you can make a pacemaker blink, yeah, easy thing
Make a man's heart go bibbity-bom, bippity-bom,
are bound to be there
Gerry and The Pacemakers, Billy J too
They're all gonna be here to sing for you

Here they come from all over the world
Celle des serments, des frères de sang
Les belles haines qui brûlaient le cœur
Contrôlées à travers un pacemaker

Oubliées, oubliées
Délavées, nos
and choose wallpaper
For the first boy crossbred with a sneaker's new nursery,
To sit Amidst change, a speak 'n' spell in his heart,
Soon pacemakers Will be
parla di me. Cuore, muscolatura cardiaca sempre in
Movimento; pacemaker di carne, pompetta di vita, polpetta pulsante.
Cuore, pompa il sangue nelle
to sen ga
Sasu yakusoku no chi he ikou
So what cha sayin?unknown creation

I get it 247 no spice kyouka
Grind rhyme suru Pacemaker
Tsunagare wa ni
Face à la descendance sa contrebasse est un pacemaker
Hip Hop non stop le jazz s'installe
Live! pas samplé dans un disque d'occase
Nous avons fait notre
are good. 

Doctor Oppenheimer winced when he felt the broken piece of his pacemaker. 
Unbuttoned his shirt on a subway platform, clutching his chest
Handling streets in the mandarin V
I hear you haters slandering me I just hand him the P
Any drama I pace it like Indiana, I take your grandma pacemaker
This Minerva she is a pacemaker, we are a chain gang and you are the hangman
You can't hurt her, she is invincible, I miss the bottle, but we all miss
you in the dust
I can adjust to the times and at times I might just get quicker
Than the ticker of your pacemaker
More tender than a roni but harder
holen ya blew us
George Burns, pacemaker beats steady slow and low
That's why we got more hits then a dealer at a Dead show

Go go yeah yeah huh what?
plenty to feed empty mouths of the nest bound
The kept down and apes won't be banging on their chests now
When pacemakers are fragile
They hate the taste
delivering the papers
You hate us, shake down fakers
Oh, you'll never get nowhere
Cause I'm the pacemaker

(Keepup, runny runny run run)

Pretty please
Mojo de pharaon dans le détecteur
Drague la petite sœur de l'inspecteur
Tire dans le cœur puis dans le pacemaker
Les flammes du brasier
Muppets available in rubber stamp form
Hogwash hairy clamp norm
Wear the space cape baker
Order up Herbert's pacemaker
And vacate personal space in
on 'em like they're on pacemakers hooked up to clappers 

Clap on, welcome to my free-form jubilee, look at me 

The witness to the shit you want to be
every pacemaker
Yeah! We ridin, we - gon' die foolin
Laws and rules don't apply to ME! (Gangsta!)

[Verse One: Royce Da 5'9"]
... I'm a put this
my ship
I dream a new planet with only fun occupants
So I uncock my hips and I dance like an idiot
See how electric my city is
Lake City pacemaker
back to the further
Now it comes back looser than ever
Some kids they think an' get better
Think they're trend setters but they're never pacemakers