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Little Playmate (Kemuri) · Playmate of the Year (Zebrahead) · Playmate of the Year [Bonus Tracks] (Zebrahead) · I'm Your Playmate (Suave') · Little Playmate (Kemuri)

I want a playmate
I said I want a playmate
I want a playmate
I said I want a playmate

My playboy bunny
My money don got kinda low
The day was
Suppose I should hate it so
Yet I can smell saliva
Palamino set afloat
Yet I can smell saliva
Hides it very well
As a baby
Has a playmate
Comes one time a year
Who, yeah
She's finally here
Who, yeah
My Playmate of the Year

She moves me
She makes me grow
I'm so happy
I was there when she needed me, a playmate of Rose

Now years have passed, things have changed
Since we moved into town
The little girl I grew
Playmate come out and play with me
And bring your dollies three,
Climb up my apple tree,
Look down my rain barrel,
Slide down my cellar door,
Won't you ride in my little red wagon
I'd love to pull you down the street
I'll bet all the kids will be jealous
When they see my playmate so
He was just a little farm lad, so busy at play
With his little playmate outside the gate
He stopped to watch a truck that was parking next door
the kids will be jealous
When they see my playmate so sweet
Hold tight till we come to the hilltop
Then we'll coast down the hill, you and me
Won't you ride
of passion
Savage Rose destroyed them all
Wrote her fate in Neon captions
Slender sender made me crawl

Playmate of the mouth expected
Passionata bless
my old playmates
I'm running through the town
I'm running with a gun
That's gonna shoot my playmates down

Did you punch all those clocks?
best playmate 

So if your sweet kiss is just for the moment 
I'd rather not know 
Just let me make believe a while 
Just let me make believe
Your image of beauty is a bit askew
Brainwashing girls from the age of two
You airbrushed playmates don't turn me on
With collagen lips and silicone
I like to play
I'm tired of all these
I need a very
Special friend
Won't you
Help me please?
I want a monster
To be my playmate
I want
of the hill
Has got to have it all
Now he owns the sandbox
And his playmates
Move in the cold
He's a spoiled child
Born to it all

King Sandbox wants
the marketplace

Shouting to your playmates
He who receives a prophet because he is a
Prophet will receive the prophets reward
He who receives a righteous man
Climb the fibrous ladder dear friend
Watch your head
Watch your step
Chained meat-hook your new ally and playmate
Hang yourself from the virginal
I've been looking for a playmate
Someone on whom I can depend
This must be my lucky day, mate
'Cause you're the kind I wanted
And I'll stick right
now till spring
If we can find a playmate he can play with
Santa, that'll be all you have to bring

And Bobby wants a puppy dog for Christmas
Nineteen and seventeen, when the winter was tough 
I didn't know no better 
Oh boys 
In my girlish days 

Lord, play it for me now
All of my playmates
of other things
I believe he brought an angel
With a pair of golden wings

Tell my lovin' little playmates
That I nevermore will play
Give them all my
With a lot of other things
I believe he brought an angel
With a pair of golden wings

Tell my loving little playmates
That I nevermore will play
It's so alarming

I'm playing with dinosaur
And I'm asking for more and more
Everything's such a bore
My playmates disappear
They're all outdoors
a star (so bright) 
The greatest number one (no lies) 
Full of dollars, playmates, cars 
Between boobs and clubs 

I was completely captured by 
Dreaming of a playmate
If I don't fall in love soon
Strangers on a dark night
But it's all over too soon

* repeat
** repeat twice


** repeat
little playmates
That I never more will play
Give them all my toys, but Mother,
Put my little shoes away

You will do this won't you Mother?

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