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Au point illimit
Au point illimit

La sensualit
Noye dans la tendresse
Est illimite


At the unlimited point
At the unlimited
There is no point to life.
There is no point to death.
There is no point in continuing our meetings. 
There is no point in not continuing our
on the top current of love’s final breeze
There at the still point, that’s where I’ll be

We would find hindsight at the edge of the world
Love at the end
One thing I would like to point out, upon conclusion of the show this evening...
You on point, Hev
I'm on point, Pun
You on point, Ball
I'm on point what?

You on point, Hev
I'm on point, Pun
You on point, Ball
I'm on point
Right to left, left to right
Light to dark and dark to light
But who could care from here, my girl
At the still point of the moving world
You're right you're right there is no point
So what's the point
We argue scream and start
To shout so what's the point

You're right again
get away and as far away from it 

There's no point 'cos I'm not winning 
There's no point going back to the beginning 
There's no point to keep
as the meaning starts to dawn
It's getting to the point, getting to the point

It's out of control, nothing I can do
Like a fire that keeps on burning
To an unwise urge
Anything can happen 

From the point of conception
To the moment of truth
At the point of surrender
To the burden of proof
The point at which you looked at me
Has always being part of my brain
Now my mind is in a whirl
And it seems

I am not the same
My dear
There is a point when you can not walk away,
When you have to stand up straight and tall,
And mean the words you say.
There is a point you must
This here finger of mine
Is gonna point to the beat, right on time
This finger points in a brand new dance
This finger points for a new romance
Now, now 

You missed the point, you missed the point 
You really missed the point 

Everybody's got to know 
Love's the reason we're here 
I thought of you, did you think of me
I guess we'll wind up running down your street
Twenty points for me
I see that bandage lying under your
Gotta point

Sue 'yo kid
Sue 'yo kid, gotta
Right then, oh boy, we hit the turning point

Three or four years or more my life was on the floor
Blind faith, hangin' in, hungry and tired of it
Point it out, point it out to me
Point it out, this I've got to see

You're the one that I'm crazy for
And every day it seems I love you more
shouting me who wait,
Better turn back now or it's too late,
'Cause it's heading for the point of no return.

No return
No return
It was
There's a point when you cannot walk away 
There's a darkness that everyone must face
There are heroes whose names we never hear

When you have
he's gonna stop, but who is gonna stop him... 
Like Kowalski in Vanishing point 
Kowalski in Vanishing point 
Kowalski in Vanishing point 
Brothers on the block knowing
(From this point on it only gets rougher!)
Sisters at the crib knowing
(From this point on it only gets rougher!)
Shall I hold on, has it all gone

This is the way it is
This is the point of no return
We get the messages
Still we have everything to learn
Say oops I missed on LSD
With the figures of conspiracy
Crawling up to you
It's easy
To make a point and prove a point
It's all that you can do