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the mad masquerade
Put out the fire put out the fire put out the fire
Oh you need a bullet like a hole in the head
Put out the fire, put out the fire,
trusted, trusted
Somebody I knew quite well
Somebody I loved

But please don't put out the light
Put out the light, turn the day into night
Put out
to keep your fire burning inside

Promise me
You won't let them put out your fire
Put out your fire
Promise me
You won't let them put out your fire
To put out the fire below 
What you see 
Is what you get 
And if that's not enough
You know you ain't seen nothing yet
So hold on tight 
And don't
and misery, joy and misery

Put out the fire, boys
Don't stop, don't stop
Put out the fire on us

Put out the fire, boys
Don't stop, don't stop
Put out
Don't put me out
Don't put me out
Don't put me out
Don't put me out
Don't put me out
Don't put me out

I play with the fire that incinerates
hummed a zombie tune 
He whistled in the dark.
He hummed & hummed a zombie tune 
Whistled in the dark.
Put out the cat; put out the fire,
Put out
No more company to feed
No more papers left to read
What's to do about it
Let's put out the lights and go to sleep

No more anything to drink
But you're not the only one
I just want to go with ecstasy
To the river of love I run
Teaser you set my heart on fire
Teaser put out the flames
Put out the fire and set me free
Put out the fire and help me let it be
Can't let it go on or it will take me to some end
I can't right all these
Put out your lights
You're taken over
Sit on your hands for the new national anthem
It sounds a lot like shit but it goes on and on

Put out
You'll always be a fire I can't put out.

I don't know how to handle the dream you left behind.
It's like a lighted candle burning up
Hearts on fire
My love for you brought only misery
Hearts on fire
Put out the flames and set this cold heart free
One short year our love burned
they'll feel
It's a chain reaction
Put out fear and they'll feel fear
It's a chain reaction
Put out love and they'll feel love
It's a chain reaction
help somehow, somewhere
And no one cares
I'm my own worst enemy



Put me out of my misery
Put me out of my misery
Put me out
keeps on getting higher
And I, I can't put out this fire,
Can't put out this fire

Well I don't know what went wrong with you and me
Sometimes you
Say goodnight
She waits for me to
Put out the light
Lay there still
She waits to break my will

Yes, if I know the truth about you...

And in
You put my love out the door 
put my love out the door 

I rode out to your house 
and brought you a valentine 
and what did you do 
put my
what I'll do
I'll lock the door, put out the cat and I'll go steppin' too

Yes I'll go steppin' too, my honey I'll go steppin' too
I'll lock the door,
Ready and steady to go
Hang out, put out, get out
That's what we're all about

I wanna hear you shout mercy
I wanna get a little crazy

We cry for peace, perfect peace
Lord, we cry for love in this neighborhood
I tell you no water can put out this fire
Only the lord can save us
You made a campfire, I put it out I put it out
Let the long johns, fall down
Around your ankles and your toes
I know what I want to see
Lay there
Tall treasures, large as Alaska 
There forever, never put out to pasture 
Then the night will fall 
Bringing peace to all 
Darkness there together 

do magic 
You can have anything that you desire 
Magic, and you know 
You're the one who can put out the fire 

You know darn well 
When you cast
When you put out an old flame last night

I never thought I'd find myself leaving her behind
But thanks to you, I finally see the light
'Cause I woke

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