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headphones tell me how grenades sound
Put on your walkmase and go underneath the town
Q-Tip abstract how I gets down

[Chorus: Busta Rhymes]
All my
featuring Q-Tip, Joni Mitchell
[Janet] What's, what's the next song?
[Q-Tip] The one about me
[Janet] Ohh yeah? I like this song
[Q-Tip] Uhh,
(feat. Q-Tip)
[Verse One: Q-Tip]
I want to be able to reach an mc
And reach a little child in the same degree
And my elders excel
I mean what
I've got a ratchet
Oh wow
Comes in handy when
Tightening loose screws
In back of mind

A Q-tip can be a dangerous thing

Circle the lobe
with another Jungle Brother. 

[Me] Q-tip, his name, he's into business, not into games 

So Q-tip when the light turns green, 

grab your bone
I am Plug One
I'm 19 years young
I love peace
Well at least
I think we need some

I'm Q-Tip y'all
3 Feet produced by Prince Paul
This session
and something's got to catch

Get in the last words close in on the final destination
Poke me with a q-tip
Then claim it's a knockout
All ears, all eyes, all
It's Q-Tip, the ass-jack and Sergio
Q-tip steady rockin' on yo' radio
It's the eh, it's the ethnic
It's the hip hop dance, let's sing
make a decision
We'll never understand
Just give me an answer
Give me an answer

woke up the toxin's sting
Q-tip torture
Punctured ear drum
It never went
Check this out, Cool DJ Red Alert 
With my man, Q-Tip 

In the morning, woke up from sexual pleasures 
Looked at her sexual partner 
featuring O.C.  Q Tip 

[Q Tip] 

Yeah  check it out  we here with the big O 

With the big big O  and you know 

What we want y'all
out the bar.

[Chorus: Q-Tip (Meda Leacock)]
("All in") for the people who move wit' me.
("All in") for the nights of ecstasy.
("All in") for
Now picture this a man wit his whole thing in order
Moving through life at will he ill 
He make his own teeth growl wit his generous style
is clear
To all of my peers, I'm a motherfucking vet
Don't mean to disrespect, cause

[Chorus 1: Q-Tip (Chauncey Black) {Busta Rhymes}]
"I write
Hey , hey, hey, hey,
Hey, who that? Hey, who that?
Hey, who that? Check it, what
Hey sucker nigga, whoever you are [Repeat: x2]
Mr. Incognito, Incognito [Repeat: x12]

[Verse 1: Q-Tip]
Yeah yeah yeah
Mr. Incognito is back again
Now all I want is peace and papes,
Can I kick it? (Yes, you can!)
Well, I'm gone (Go on then!) 

Can I kick it? To all the people who can Quest like A Tribe does 
Can I kick it? (Yes, you can!) [Repeat: x7]
Well, I'm gone (Go on then!) 

Can I kick it? To all the people who can Quest like A Tribe

So what's the deal are you gay or poppin' pills?
Why you still wanna take my hand?
This discotech is 'bout to make me a wreck
My feet are
deliver, hits too make em quiver
Make em shiver, Q-tip couldn't flow if he was a river
And me, I'm sellin milli like runnin the mill
And like Big Daddy Kane
Just feelin' things out for real, ya know? 
Just want to do me for real, ya know? 
No reason to make it complicated, you feelin'
[Jessica Rivera]
"Hmmm, so you're the one they're talkin' about. 
Let me see if this is real."

When I do it, eyes lookin' at me when
I got the Busta bust 
Yo, we make the shit wild hot 
Busta:We got Kamaal
Complete, we make the shit wild hot

I got the Busta
of Q-Tip

So, what’s next? I know you guys got the video dropping, you got the album dropping, anything else gon’ be happening? You guys producing other
Rerun to Roger
Ren to the Stimpy, Laurel to Hardy
Q-Tip and Phife, they mashed up the party
Kick the rhymes and more rhymes
Kick the beats and more