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Sorries pour out of you
All wide-eyed simple smiles
Certain to see you through
Like a QC full of fake humility
You say: "Oh, please forgive..."
I praise the day that brings you pain 
Q.C.'s obsessed with sleaze 
Frantic for fame 
They're all on the game 
They just use a different name
since No Label
Fuck the fame rather be rich
Been gettin' money, since No Label
You waiting' for it, then here it go, intro to No Label

QC, It's
they want to be with QC
Angelina Pitt Jolie
I'm beatin the pot like Muhammad Ali
Feeling like president Lincoln and Malcolm X
They tryna assassinate
pockets sloppy like lasagna, nigga stop playing with me

Who the fuck said QC we ain't on top? Gotta be kidding me
Who the fuck said YRN2 gon' flop? Must
Sup Zay'?
They can't fuck QC

Niggas ain't built like me, these niggas ain't built like me (No Way!)
You niggas will never be bigger than
she wasn't fucking with me
She wasn't fucking with me

Put it on my soul, put it on my soul
It's quality control (QC!)
I came from kicking
it 'cause I'm a star
It maybe could be my star status
I got my chain and ring
My Rolex watch it got fifity carat
It could be QC or even maybe it's
Dont mind me.. last of a dying breed /
Wanna take rap and bring it back to the 90's /
Q.c inspired me creame made me angry and every dog amped me