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The butterfly?  Uh-uh, that's old!
Let me see the Tootsee Roll!

Yeah, 199Quad!
69 Boyz backed up by the Quad City DJ's! 
One time !

what I got to do

Walk of Shame [x4]

I got my drink on
I got my dance on
Now I'm walking home with
Someone elses pants on

Crossed the quad
right now
I'm the all time heavy weight champion of flowers
I'm leading the league in at least six statistical categories right now
Best flow, Most
faces but none of 'em mirror me
show my ID to the punk ass security
Step on the quad lookin' for the track squad
walked by a bitch who think she's God
the time is right,
For me to look inside of myself, the time passes by every night,
I'm searching for answers meanwhile my faith does surprise,
And my
(Fuck 'em)

Damn this shit sound low then motherfucker in my earphones.
Alright, yeah that's it right there nigga.

As soon as the bass hits
get up with my thugstas, right turn to the double glock
Pull to the curb, smoke with my hustlas
Puff, puff puff to the brain shot
Love P.O.D.ed
a buncha contra
Ban-van full of ganja, now come on ja-
Man stop! Man said, "Marshall, Oh-my-God, ya
Doin the cha-cha and the cucaracha with a quad
I keep the fo grip
Hollowed tips fill the whole clip
Trippin' ya feel da whole clip
Get It 
I'm on some mo shit 
Quad Mafia blow Shit
Never slept
many faces but none of 'em mirror me 

Show my ID to the punk ass security 
Step on the quad lookin' for the track squad 
Walked by a bitch who think
the mist
And like the key open the door I twist
The weed I bought because I don't know how to cope with shit
Be easy I could three hit 'em right where his
a pimp
God damn right I'ma do it like this

I tie up my Air Nike's prepare for the mic
Straight throwin' up the bike on Jersey Turn Pike
Let's get it homeboy!
Y'all already know what is man, this ain't nothin' new to y'all man!
T.I.P., Pimp $quad Click ya understand that?

Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah
I think I can, I think I can
I think I can, I think I can

Way deep down south, where we play this game
It's them Quad
of course
Having intercourse, I can fuck for life
Guess I fucked her right, she keep talking like

You nasty (you nasty)
You nasty (you nasty)
You nasty
of a jar (and what?)
Rakim conversation with God (what?)
I'm so hard with a quad in the prison yard

Magic Johnson need to run for mayor
Lil Kim sold me
Gun, glove and mask 
So deep in the game, I couldn't leave if I try 
Even if I quit, keep scream in quad
The s*** is all I know, this all I