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Quadrant (Joe Pass)

Airborne cattle
Dissected sections and quadrants
Complete abdominal extraction
Viscera intact and emptied
Drained of blood

Unsightly victim
Traveling through the space
Sailing to constant warp
The vortex I will embrace to show
Enter the Delta Quadrant
To unfold the atavistic dreams:
Cybernetic cralts approaching
Through skies lit with fusion discharge
Androids from the gamma quadrant
Moving at the speed of death

this traffic die down?
If they would expand this road to 10 lanes
Maybe I could get home

Now I sit by the river
But not in my quadrant, there's no
waitin' in front of the quadrant
And there are thousands in all the fearsome moments
Oh my God, The Lonely Island are a lot

We're removing the fans
In a red light quadrant of space 
Astrogirl - why don't you leave this world? 
I've been watching her for a while, 
Those tender eyes and her beutiful
the kitchen
How I'd seen your ghost witching
As a soldering blue line
Between my eyes

Cut me in quadrants
Leave me in the corner
Oh now it's passing
Got tired of wasting gas living above the planet
Mister, show me the way to earth
The boys of Quadrant 44 with their vicious metal hounds
the rocket, destination delta quadrant

Safety Scissors cut through leather, melted butter, gently severed
Tether clipped
Start to breathe
Undone dishes
in the backseat, givin' directions
Sweep the block clean as November elections
On the Blackberry readin' cash flow quadrant
Brim to the side, my
chests quadrant where they vest wasn't 
Now he dead cousin 
All you snitches hit the red buttons, we some uncle-tom killers 
Mini-nina concealers,
the summer it rains buckets of hunger pains
In the winter it's the same with an added climate change
The remaining two quadrants balance the polar values
A representative of rebirth, quadrant number fo'
Thought, a mode of apprehension, omnipotent

The world I know is a world too slow
Don't move fast enough keep