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Deviances anticipated
Triple-X or at least R-rated
San Tropez the middle of May
There's no tan lines tonight 
No tan lines tonight,
But trench
Twisted, R-rated and scarred

Let’s go hard ‘til our bones break
Hard ‘til the floor shakes our dirty soles
Let’s go hard like we're insane
got your rap and your disco
You got your drum machine
You got your r-rated gangster
You got your grungy scene
You got your state of the art
You got
till after 12 pm
Uh, ignorant minds, I free 'em
If you tired of the same old everyday you will agree I'm
The most obligated, hard and R-Rated
would see it there
Sneakin' in to the R-rated feature
I think I was fifteen, that's how I met Lisa
She showed up with a group of fly girls
So me
shit before you was allowed in the theater
Of an R-rated movie and your dad was wearing gators
And your mom was just a whore before your sister wore