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Who am I
D. R. I.
Who am I?
Three simple words
Who am I?
A human being
Who am I?
This weird thing
Who am I?
Not what I seem
and start over again
Yeah fill it up and start over again and again

All night!
R. A. D. I. O.
Hit me hard and hit me low
Static engine blow the scene, rumble
John R. "Johnny" Cash, lived. Has no one else figured this out yet?
bail, relationships become jail
Children are unheld
I wish love was for sale, "Behold the Pale, Horse"
Got me trapped like R. Kel', I bail and it
(c. stepney - r. johnson)

I'm flying high about the clouds
Wherever we choose to be
A barren land becomes a paradise,
Your touch is all that I need
I say F-I.
F-I-N-K, fink, fink, fink, fink.

I say are-A.
Are-A-T-T F-I-N-K, rat fink.
I know just what to see 
Got my TV Guide with me 

"MASH" and "All in the Family" 
"The Munsters" and "Mayberry R. F. D." 
I will always be busy
R. Williams
I have etched the scrolls into my skin
The hangman's noose, 13 lies which cross the barrier/burial
There is a sin not yet committed
O, he
(m. riperton r. rudolph)

I'm not gonna sing the blues
Cause I don't wanna cry
I only wanna be as free as the skies
Don't let anyone bring you down
(c. stepney - r. rudolph)

Sitting all alone I hear the tapping of the rain
Dance ballerina dance
Talking with the rain in some small city I feel
bail, relationships become jail
Children are unheld
I wish love was for sale, "Behold the Pale, Horse"
Got me trapped like R. Kel', I bail and it
as the sun 
All of your fears  cast them on me 
I just want you to see 

[Chorus: Celine Dion & R. Kelly] 
I'll be your cloud up in the sky 
I'll be your
[G. Rodgers / R. Martinez]

And I saw the beast rise
And the dragon gave him his power
And the world followed him
And it was granted him to make war
(m. riperton r. rudolph)

Now I see how everything has led me to this day
Every road I've walked upon, each lesson on the way
I'm gatherin' up
(m. riperton r. rudolph)

And lately I've been thinking
About what we have together
Our own special harmony
Makin' love by heaven's light
Oooh it
calling my bluff
Someone to

Talking about R. Gang, R. Gang, R. Gang, R. Gang, R. Gang, R. Gang
There were only your friends who died

they went into formation
And formed the letters R. I. P.
It was a helluva fun'ral, I say one helluva fun'ral
I gave it all my loving care;
The band
[D. Theime / R. Martinez]

I know it's forthright, to tell you now this way
Just what the Bible says and leave no shadows gray
For all the time I
gon' keep it Nappy, slaw and slum and crunk and jumpin


[Verse 3 - R. Prophet]
I think I got a Hpnotic, drunk got me singin bout it
with P. Diddy and R. Kelly
I don't know those muthafuckas
You see me in the club, high poster
Never who that, see me on the block with the roaster
the break of dawn
Keep it right here, groovin' all night
I gotta let you know that it feels so right
Play it for me

R. Kelly play me something from
(M. Riperton R. Rudolph M. Henderson)

I'm young willing and able ... to make you come apart at the seams
I'm young willing and able ... think of me
gone, born conceded
The black Moses, ask me to leave Egypt
Straight heady, I manage heavy, and lolly petty
I gave R. Kelly a Rolex wit a diamond bezzy
(m. riperton r. rudolph)

Everytime he comes around I feel like I'm on fire
When he looks into my eyes and sees down to my soul
It's so hard for me
with murder!
I'ma hit 'till it's out of order
If it wasn't for R. Kelly
I'll record her!
Now step to the right!
Now step to the left!
Now hold