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Un Regard 9 (Lara Fabian) · Un Regard 9 [Bonus DVD] (Lara Fabian) · Regard the End (Willard Grant Conspiracy) · Juste Un Regard (Lala Joy) · Un Regard 9 (Lara Fabian) · Live: Un Regard 9 (Lara Fabian)

Give my regards to broadway,
remember me to herald square, tell all the gang, at 42nd street that I will soon be there, whisper of how i'm yearning,
Give my regards to Broadway
Remember me to Herald Square
Tell all the gang at Forty Second Street
That I will soon be there

Whisper of how I'm
him my regards
If you see Jacob Miller, you can give him my regards
And if you see Ranking Slackness, the man called General Echo, you can give
tout dépend
S'il n'est pas trop tard
Cette fois ce sera différent, et j'attends

Ton premier regard
Celui de l'âme, des présages
Ton premier regard
they say goodbye
they're friends without a doubt
When the man on the pier
Shouts "Let them clear", as the ship strikes out

Give my regards
And give my best regards to your good old dad

I always liked your family
We got along just splendidly
Though your brother
Kind of rubbed me the wrong
regard your body with regard to events
With which nothing planned
Never lacked a sense of theater
On returning with the tab you've gained
A head
wave kind regards,
Regards, regards, regards

But I know for all we've done
I never had guessed we did this for years

Floating on the Lehigh
Going through a world of sad debris
Regard quixotic reveries of ownership
The blossoming disease of man called tenure and accretion
The ancient
ceux qui dorment encore
Ce soir, non, je n'ai pas sommeil

Car je vois,
Ses yeux, son regard
Embarrassés mais plein d'audace
Que j'aime ce regard
do, like I do, like I do, like I do

Everybody wanting something, with no regard for anybody at all

Years go by and mistakes are repeated over
souffrait sous un soleil rigide

Et nos regards glissaient sur les reflets du vide
Et nos regards glissaient sur les reflets du vide
Pour se taire
Pour toujours
Derrière le masque,
Brille un regard,
Grains de colza
Dans l'encre noire.

Derrière le masque,
Se dresse un mur,
who judges him 
I won't despise him for his weakness 
I won't regard him for his strength 
I won't take away his freedom 
I will help him learn
is the ending
I send regards to you
Standing on the steps
Steps of the cathedral
Watch the summer fade
Just trying to get to somewhere
Now bluebird, when you find Miss. Lacey Belle
I want you to give her my best regard
Bluebird, when you find Miss. Lacey Belle
I want you to give her my
Shade and the black hat don't tell me
i've paid my regards pouring in wine

what i've seen it tears me inside

can they hear me when i speak
Until the dawn.

Give my regards to Broadway.
Tell all the gang that milkman's on the way.
Give my regards to Broadway,
Give my
Unpredictable barbarians
Fighting in no regular order
Leaving all in astounding defeat
Without regard to personal safety
Without regard
Savage ways
ton chemin

Et j'attends ton signes
Ton sourire ,ton regard qui me parle
Qui m'enflammes

J'entends ta voix au milieu de la nuit
Je cherche
Que j'ai mise à tes pieds
Mes rêves et mes prières
Au fond de moi je sais
Je te perdrai

Je te perdrai
Dans l'un de mes regards
Ici ou
the chest
It's quite an impression
Imagine the innards of your soul
The infliction

Instinctive regression
With intent to kill
No regard of human life
Collapse rewind

Venture, without regards of loss
The absence of conditional behavior

Birth rewind
Death applied
a le regard qui tue
Elle a tiré la première, m'a touché, c'est foutu
Elle a les yeux revolver, elle a le regard qui tue
Elle a tiré la première, elle
Je serai toujours cet étranger
Au regard sombre
Un rebel dans vos villes de contraste
Yé n'en pé plou

J'ai nettoyé la cheminée de Ramona

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