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Queen Of Second Guessing
Queen Of Second Guessing
Queen Of Second Guessing
Queen Of Second Guessing
had a smile like the golden face
For a second
Your knuckles white as your fingers curl
The shot that was heard around the world
For a seconds

The first is the father
The second is the mother
And the third is the child
you? Well it's you enough I guess
You're a statue of Los Angeles
Is it true, yes it's true enough I guess
Sometimes it's better to be second best
This is the second cd
Three seconds is all I need
Three seconds is all I take
Three seconds of pure disaster
Two hits to blow me away
Three seconds you'll burn in hellfire
I remember what you said (second time around)
Don't you wish that we were dead (second time around)

No more getting pushed around (second time
45 seconds of ecstasy.
How it comes right back to me.
Fly so high and feel so free.
45 seconds of ecstasy.
45 seconds of ecstasy.
Cuts right
I remember what you said, second time around
Don't you wish that we were dead, second time around

No more getting pushed around, second time
The bullet's deep, I'm not dreaming
The blood I keep, while you're healing
Have you found your second skin, second wind
Have you found your second
I need a second just to catch my breath
I need a second wind to blow my wad
I'll play the second fiddle second best oh
Shang lang lang

I been havin' a bad case of the second thoughts
You know what (how?) the second thoughts is
You think first and then you think about it
Bad case
Father has a business strictly second hand
Everything from toothpicks to a baby-grand
Stuff in our apartment came from father's store
Even clothes
Never too certain what is to follow
Exhilaration, then comes the pressure
From to A to Z in

Cycles per second
Cycles per second

Talk in
The body of a junkie
Two seconds
Before the needle reaches it's target
Two seconds
Two seconds
I can't hear you being repulsive
For I'm
do for free
Blank eyed, nose bleed
Blank eyed, nose bleed
Seconds moving forward
Second moving backward
Seconds moving forward
Seconds moving
straight line
Back and forth, up and down your spine
Emptiness of heaven in your ears and my eyes

One second
Two seconds
Three seconds
Four and five
It's the early bird that catches the worm
But it's the second mouse that gets the cheese
And you know what that means
I will light your way tonight 
I want you second time around 
Come with me I´ll show you all 
I want love you second time around
second hand, slightly used, soiled
Get it second hand, carelessly abused, spoiled

I see you're looking to find new horizons
But there are footsteps
Melody, it was her second name 
Melody, it was her second name 
Melody, it was her second name 
Melody, it was her second name 

Came home one