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She got a shitload of money 
The night´s a mile high deja vu 
Taking her wings and halo down to boom town, yeah 

She got a shitload
Rome Munich Rome
All the women and the money I've blown
Rome Munich Rome
There's still a shitload of seeds to be sown
And I've been stunned
This man 
May have a shitload to prove
He's got to settle a score
Against the groove
Infinite orgasm
Like endless joy and pain
Thunder to my
My head is screaming
Hate, shame
God hope I get out of this alive
I pray
God help me get out of this

I'm guilty
I blame the shitload of drinks
the king of love

(a shitload of aoh's and such)

I think I hear the king falling
Down down down
I think I hear the king falling
Down down down
King of love
for themselves and their friends
And that would include lots of money
I would surely include lots of money
You've got to have shitloads
hartas de mecos

[English translate: I've Got 'em Hanging (Shitload of Cum II)]

Drug lords are not machines
El Brujo isn't a bastard
The city... natives
and something to shoot

We got shotguns and sixguns, we got a shipload of guns
Shootin varments and critters, is a shitload of fun
I don't care about
She blew my mind behind the wrecking machine
She was a shitload of trouble called the Subway Queen
Had a hip with bad habits and a shake that was
things I need to do
I want another day to die die die die
There´s a shitload I´ve got left to do
I want another day to die die die die
So when you do
shitloads of video games. tonight I'll decide too late to go get on the train and play out my stupid, misguided version of fun. tonight I'll get stupid
stab it
Shitload a legwork not just livin' lash, I'm up at 3 AM and I'm still mentally active
Mind is traveling to a height that'll send your ass
still remained forgotten, 
Up till today I'll pass it on, 
I never get to watch the 4 seasons, 
As for the day, I'm bound to fall.

I have shitloads
a shitload of money.
Cause Youtube is a place for people to share their ideas..
If by people you mean 13 year old girls and by ideas you mean how they love
I'm standin in the devil's fire

Yeah yeah we all know, I fucked off a shitload
Of money and did mo', dope in a fish hole
We all know I'm washed up,
And that's why homicide all around

[Tony Yayo]
Feelin to fuckin kill somebody right now nigga, fuck!
Got a SHITLOAD of guns right now nigga

What y'all niggas wanna do?
Yo we can take it outside
Ya'll niggas want something?
Yo we can take it outside
What y'all niggas wanna do?
a towel
[Method Man]
Fo' we gun down

Yo, flipmode,
Toiletbowls explode
When Doc come drop a shitload
Grip fo's
Mushrooms, dick those
all the shit we did
Gotta reverse the six, let's murd' head jerk
Almost got whiplash 
We got a shitload of cash
Throws it in the stash
Long as we
So you need a shit-load more then a flashlight, yeah!
What they gonna do to me? I live this shit! 
Doc said I had a loose screw, fix this shit!
to have your motherfuckin' head knocked off
"Nigga you my nigga if you don't get no damn money

Fresh up out the box, bought a shit-load of guns
With my
Nice ]
I got a shitload of story tales in my sack
Please come in, hang your coat on the rag
While you at it, make my coffee black
So I can get
Scagnetti:] "They've killed a shitload of inmates and guards." [Dwight McClusky:] "Three inmates, five guards and one shrink all in one year's time... Open that