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then weighed it up on a triple beam
Niggaz rob, kill, murder steal for that ghetty green

U.S. marshal at my folks house want to kill me dead
Wanna see
Former Vice-President Richard Nixon says that unless there is a substantial
  increase in the present war effort in Viet nam, the U.S. should look forward
If you're on the road
With a nectar dream
If you're welcome
Really welcome
With the U.S. scream

Take a step to the left
Dance slight to the right
to reconquer americay
Eric burdon stunned in mississippi on the animal's u.s. tour

Mardi gras indian segregation 1964
Up the river wah wah throbbing heavy
do you ever shut up do you ever shut up why not gossip about martina hingis you can rhyme her name with cunnilingus "the u.s. open's a piece of piss
the sound of the U.S. bomb all around
Ah it's a shake down
It's a break down
Atomic shutdown
And then you know!

Correction I need no direction
Oh let
through my veins

But life is good, you know we're lucky
Living in the U.S. of A.
And we got everything we ever dreamed of
Baby I don't know
And the U.S. cracks down on illegal aliens
Ban the freedom of choice for those wantin' abortion
And enforce capitol punishment

Twenty four hour radio ban
through U.S. Customs
Now look whose on the witness stand singing, a well known soprano
A smash hit from Sammy Gravano
Here's the plan minimum for
everything you need to survive in life
We'll help you to be the best soldier in the u.s. of a."

"Because we do more before 7 a.m
Than most niggas do in
        Somebody to body, makin' a baby
        Givin' it to grandma then makin' her crazy
        I'm a MC protector, U.S. defector
To feel the oppression so every studio session
I try to kick a positive lesson
U.S. coverups are neat like Tony Randall
Brotherly love is melting
As the coup hunts a single man
No offer of exile did he take in his last trial...

Covert action - santiago
The u.s. denies it but the president
rock the U.S. and all of Jamaica
I can make you dance, and shake your butt, and wiggle
When it's hot outside I eat popsicles
Check it, do you want
doja, making all that racket, I got the u.s. open
Stunt on me I'll leave you wit ya chest open, vest broken
Hop in the lo-lo wit the tech smoking,
roll with a bitch
If it don't make dollars it don't make sense
And I almost got shot because I hit a fence

[Chorus:Repeat x2]

Call the U.S.
Sweden and Brazil 
Do a U.S. tour for three months and then a chill 
Styles be fat like Jackie Gleason, the rest be Art Carney 
People love the Dawg
my boots an' was I on the street again.

I went up to a big house with a U.S. flag upon display.
I said "Can you please help me out, I got some
to flick it
So be it take let your boyfriend see it
U.S. gangsta but all my guns be Soviet
Jake did it gon' take em up to I D it
Chain hanging out but I
Filipino comin' to the U.S.
Smash it 
Flash it 
Big ghetto blastin'
Time for some action 
Check it out now 
The funk's so
the snake]

[Verse Three: Masta Killa]
Do the knowledge to a nigga named Trigga
Bad rude boy from the land of Jamaica
With visions to venture, to the U.S.
to flick it
So be it take let your boyfriend see it
U.S. gangsta but all my guns be Soviet
Jake did it gon' take 'em up to I.D. it
Chain hanging out but
to stand next to me
Five star general O.G. veteran
Caked like Edimen blowing that celery
Stack that cash like the U.S. treasury
Every single thing I ever
to me
Five star general, O.G. veteran
Caked like Entenmann's, blowin' that celery
Stack that cash like the U.S. treasury

Every single thing I ever did
Hate my dress code 
Gucci this, Fendi that 
What you expect hoe 
Nickname esco 
Took this game to its threshold 
Best flow I bet the whole U.S. know

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