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(w graber)
Such a very long time (s macdonald)
It saddens me to see it go 'cus I've been waiting such a long time
And I already miss it so because
it, shake it'

'Play it a long time'

(instrumental w/piano to end)

'Play it a long time'.

that D.P.G.
Represent that Long Beach, Represent that P.A.C.
Represent that Long Beach, Represent that Long Beach
Represent that...

[W Ballz D.J.]
Black Diamond Strings 
Black Diamond Strings 
Drinkin' 1 W. Harper 
Playin' Black Diamond Strings 
Black Diamond Strings 
Are like white flour
(Kye Fleming - Dennis W. Morgan)

I woke up alone the bed was so cold
I learned a lot in just one night
I don't like T.V., I don't like to read
And I
'em all.

Bless em all, bless em all, the long and the short and the tall
Bless all the sergeants and w. o. ones,
Bless all the corp'rals and their
(music arcwelder/words w. graber & s. macdonald)
And hey this is something different - and then again
Now down 'til I can't remember - was it here
W. Kimbrough/G. Owen

Goodnight moon, goodnight stars
Goodnight old broke down cars
I'm going away, I'm leaving soon
Goodnight darlin'
Goodnight moon
Music & Lyrics : F. Golde - W. Orange - D. Lambert

Marvin, he was a friend of mine
And he could sing a song
His heart in every line
Marvin sang
(L-A-W this might trouble you) This is Sharief y'knowI'msayin? 
Puttin' it down for the Aftermath like this 

As I inhale the blunt and take a sip off
W-w-w-w-whiskey crime!

Whiskey, whiskey make things right
Imma feeling kinda low tonight
Together we can take this guy
Don't matter that he's
Soap And Water Blues 3:05 Trk 18
(Robert Brown) Washboard Sam
Washboard Sam - vocal & washbrd.
J.T. Brown - tenor sax, W. Broonzy - gtr
Hello Honey, it's me
What did you think when you heard me back on the radio?
What did the kids say when they knew it was their long lost daddy-o?
Ain't 'bout to lose what we got 

You need to tell me 
W-where, where's it gone, where's it gone 
(Got an old school feelin' again) 
W-where, where's
going A.W.O.L.
Disconnect my telephone
Just like Greta Garbo
I want to be alone

Need to make some real connection
Baby something's just got to give
Have I stayed away too long 
Have I stayed away too long
If I came home tonight 
Would you still be my darling 
Or have I stayed away too long
Number one, George W. Bush is not president 
Number two, America is not a true democracy 
Number three, the media is not fooling me 
Cause I am a poem
Dance with me, uh baby
Dance w/ me, uh
Dance w/ me, uh
Dance w/ me, uh
{Repeat 1x}

Dance with me baby right now
I want
Seen lots of pretty girls
But no one has seem to catch my eye
Feelins and faces change
Nothing remains the same
As long as your not by my side

never go
Ask what I'm kickin', I'm kickin' the flow
Rock to the F.L.O.W. (wait a minute) (Minneapolis, Minneapolis)
Just like you're supposed to do
Lim-strang w?s geboren
Bearn leod-cyninga
Magorinc Mearces.
Bunden in byrde to laedenne
Bunden in lufe to ?egnunge
Lang beadugear cy?a?
w/the music         - you know what we do you know what we do
sit back and vibe w/this true shit 

this isn't really what you think it is 
that is if
Kelly sing!)

(Whoa!) Come on baby would you wine for me (W-W-Wine)
(Whoa!) Girl I wanna see you wine for me (Move to the time)
(Whoa!) In the club
on the couch all night 

W:James Madison never had a son 
then he fought the War of 1812 

D:James Monroe's colossal nose 
Was bigger than Pinnochio's
I've been away from you a long time
I never thought I'd missed you so
Somehow I feel
You love is real
Near you I long to/wanna be

The birds