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who said you guys are wack!

(Who said we're wack?)
You said we're wack?
You take it back!
(Who said we're wack?)
You talkin' smack?
You gonna
Pizza mit Oliven lässt du dir sehr gerne bringen, heute waren noch Kerne drin, zwei Zähne wackelig

Wack Wack Wacky Wacky Women
Wack Wack Wacky Wacky Women

Hello, everybody, this is Russel
Right before I sing I'm gonna make a muscle
Now that's
Aw shit
Whoa what?
Front front back back
Sucker grab a snack pack
I I got got
Young Holt wack wack
Get get down down
Grade A ground round
like a beer coaster
Ho hoo hoo hoo}

{That's some funny fuckin' shit mother fucker
That shit's wack, that shit's funny
That shit's funny and wack
Oh my
A big toe truck came to town
To pull some peoples' toes around
With a knick-knack paddy-wack
I would like to know 
How it feels when a truck is
He phones to yak and wack wack wack, 
This irritating boy
Step on a crack to break his back, 
For he brings to me no joy
He speaks too long 
I threw the mattress in her face
Took off her shirt

Took off her bra
Took off her pants
You know that I saw

A wick wick wack
Aghh aghh ha...
childhood they're spoon fed
Hidden violence revealed, darkness that seems real
Look at the pages that cause all this evil

Nick nack patty wack, give
From the drip drip drip of the teardrops
To the chink chink chink of the cash
To the end end end of the friendships
To the wack wack wack
So,no need to hesitate,future's right there
Make our own rules
Kick it now
Correct or wack,check yourself
Stake yourself before you upset
childhood they're spoon fed
Hidden violence revealed, darkness that seems real
Look at the pages that cause all this evil

Nick nack patty wack, give
You WACK M.C.'s!
This a dedication to you WACK M.C.'s
This is a dedication to you WACK M.C.'s
and you're history.. huh..
You WACK M.C.'s!
See I think a wack rapper needs to catch service
I think a wack DJ needs to be nervous

Yo my DJ's so nice he don't slice he severs
what the beat tells you to
Without throwing your spine outta wack

When a little kiss I want to steal
I hit my head against the steering wheel
Now I know
my time shifting sods and clay
And the wife won't give me what I want cause I'm so old and grey
For a wack of the widdle a widdle a wack
A widdle
Ya Mama remix is wack
Ya Mama remix is wack man, this sucks dick yo
You guys ready?  Are you ready?  (I love it, I love it)
It sucks dick (Eric,
think I want you back
Your love has made a deep impact
I know it might sound wack,
But damn, I think I want you back (want you)

I think I want you
Nigga I respect myself

Man you trippin I'm out

Whatever yo, you wack

You wack

You real wack

You wack

You really wack, don't make me throw this phone
the races

With me wack fol the do fol
The diddle idle day

There were passengers from Limerick
And passengers from Nenagh
The boys of Connemara
wack, ya wack! 
(wack, wack)
If ya hot, ya hot! 
(hot, hot)

Most of you rap cats 
Don't appeal to me
A lot of you says you
Keepin' it real 
But you ain't
This is wack.. 
Oooo yeah baby that's good
I love you 'cause you're PHAT.

Chorus ( oooooooo P.H.A.T)
This is Shaggy Baby come to my house ill make
the Pool" and starts,
"Dear Wack!" So, John, you take it from there.
John: "Dear Wack! Please, ask thos gorgeous lads," ha, ha," called the Beatles
to sing
to it I'm comin with the
fat tracks!! (Bring it in Domino)
Ninety-three on (ninety-three til infinity yaknowhatI'msayin)
All wack MC's fell (y'all don't
All dapper and neat
Im gonna grow my hair
Right down to my feet
Its you and me baby
No pimp daddy jack
Its Cadillac wack no Cadillac wack back

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