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to me
Where do you go to?

You waded out, you waded out
The sea calls back to you

You waded out, you waded out
The sea calls back to you

is over.
Have you waded in 
And been to hell? 
Will you lie upon the sofa,
See to the decoration of your shell 
Now that the war is over?

Pulling my trousers up to my knees 
I waded across the stream 
Back to the place where I could hear sounds 
And where the old man once had
world keeps turning round
This hundred proof heartache's got me down

You waded through my tears then said goobye
You didn't seem to care how much I'd cry
Pulling my trousers up to my knees
I waded across the stream
Back to the place where I could hear sounds
And where the old man once had been
There just
To the sea
I've waded knee-high
In troubles not my own
Now that I've got mine
I'm sinking all alone

Cool river wash my tears away
Let your blue waves
The capricious fuel the fire
The kindred tow the line
We take it on the chin
Rewind and start again
We waded through the mire
We slashed and set on fire
waded in and tore it all apart 

When there's no more lies to hide behind 
And no more tears to cry 
I know we'll be alright 
'Cause even though
father's own father, waded that river 
They took all the money he made in his life 
My brothers and sister come work the fruit trees 
They rode the truck
Turn the leg, a twist of color
Autumn waded seven seas
Swimming colored come another

Seven Chinese brothers swallowing the ocean
Seven thousand
a preacher on Sunday
My heart was serene

I waded into the water
I was bathed, I was drowned
Like the sinners before me
I knelt down on the ground


The rain it come and it washed my ground
I thought my little seed was going to drown
I waded and I splashed and I carried my seed
I planted it
walked in my slumber 
I waded into the sea strand 
And I swam with the moon and her lover 
Until I lost sight of the land 

I swam till the night
But I've got to bear the cross
If I want to wear the crown
I often get impatient
As the time keeps dragging on
I've waded through the darkness
I waded into that icy black
I saw there was no, no coming back
No deliverance
Ducked my head under, started to drift
Let the tide take me and down
A push through the fabric is all that it took

In a whirlwind of truth the center was clear
On the back of a turtle I waded through fear
Heavy is
Intent on coming clean
Unfolding with the scene
And on the paper waded and tossed on the floor
She idles by and counts
The days while pressure mounts
Elijah said to Naimen, go dip yourself in Jordan
And let the cool water wash your spots away

So he went right down (to the river of Jordan)
He waded
to keep the world nearer

Don't forget the way she pushed the water inside
Waded through the spirits like a flood on the floor
Don't forget, forget,

foreign land,
Waded in blood battle until the end,
A gift of strength, given from Wotan high.
Turned their gods and their ships to the north,
The waves
The water is fast, but it ain't deep
I waded out before
I could do it in my sleep
Another line, another fix
Another "I don't care"
The place you
Elisha said to Naaman "Go dip yourself in Jordan
And let the cool waters wash your spots away"

So he went right down to the River Of Jordan
He waded
waded through the marketplace
Someone's ship had come in
There was silver and begonias
Dynamite and cattle
There were hearts as big as apples
in love

For restless eyes egos burn
And the mold is hard to break
Now we've waded in too deep
But and love is overboard

Tú por mí, yo por ti

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