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Dennis Wage


Wage Es Zu Glauben (Xavas) · Slave to the Wage (Placebo) · Minimum Wage (Pug Uglies) · Wage of Mayhem (Nasty Savage) · Millions Like Stars in My Hands, Daggers in My Heart, Wage War (Single Gun Theory) · Slave to the Wage [CD1] (Placebo) · Slave to the Wage [CD2] (Placebo) · Life Stories for Minimum Wage (Cuff the Duke)

a minimum wage earner, plus a fast learner
No diploma, selling something on the corner
More than one in the twenty-first day, when's your birthday
Get it
call me Nat Turner with the burner
Freedom fighter for this revolution, fuck a wage earner,
See I be what John Wilkes Booth was to Lincoln, blam!
will only get minimum wage earners and  illegal immigrants]
Des costumes mal tailles meme si les mecs voulaint  bien s.habiller.
[Bad suits even if guys