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Mission incredible undercover convoy 
Full-tilt chromosome cowboy 
X-ray search and destroy 
Smoke stack black top Novocaine boy 

Got so low your mom
Mission incredible undercover convoy 
Full-tilt chromosome cowboy 
X-ray search and destroy 
Smoke stack black top Novocaine boy 

Got so low your mom
It's Ludacris I got more cheese than Provalone
And the chrome is home, so I'm never home alone
And only keep friends with two X chromosomes

So I
Organically grown, never give orgasms to organisms with X chromosomes
Taking her home, good thing about her,
She don’t know her power to eat
never home alone,
And only keep friends with 2-X chromosomes,
So I command all these rappers: "Put the mic down!",
Throw a grenade in your mouth
lacht wie andere Frauen sind
Mich untern Tisch trinkt und auf mich drauf springt

Ich will ein böses Mädchen, eine Amazone
Sie hat zwei Y und fünf X
[We pros] I decompose, any rapper to the bone
Down to they X and why chromosome
So SEE MY NAME tagged in bold or italics [Bow, bitch]
'cause I'll be
of make believe
Cream of cream of DNA
She went to work on the seventh day

Garden robbed by Adam's rib
Her action started women's lib
The chromosomes
Take me home take me home 
Have you ever even tried to use a comb 
I think you might be missing a chromosome 
Cause you keep comin back for more
What if I died in your arms tonight?
Yeah, what if I, what if I, what if I
Stay out the wonderment with them X's and the why's and the chromosomes
Stretch your legs in time and space
[Incomprehensible] a passage through the vacuum
Let me feel the stars burnin' on my face

Ten for the gravity,
a hundred
But you only ever found a fitty

Three fingers in the honeycomb
You ring just like a xylophone
Devoted to the chromosome
The day that you left
My Daddy was a man of letters
My Mama was a head of state
And when they got their chromosomes together
They gave me all of their recessive traits
Spreading virus and

Primate Camp! [x4]
(Primate Camp) [x2]

Dr. Zaus the physician
And Zera pose a question
With a chromosome a missing
Can he reason, think,
Experimental aircraft chemtrails across the sky
Rain disease down on suburbia burning lungs stinging eyes
Micro-cellular breakdown 'cause
XY chromosome, sat heavy on the throne
Touched something for you
Ya stupid fail niggas fucked up
Because bitches is talking
They living, I'm
on the microphone
Throwin' your chromosomes like a cyclone
And commercial raps get the gun claps
A wack on the ground of the head with my ill skill raps
I'm a kill me
first pilots
52 white keys
51 jeans
50 gates of 
49 nights of meditation
48 pairs of shoes
47 wines
46 human chromosomes
45 summer rise
Waited far too long
For this day to dawn
Marked position with an x and kept floating on
Now I stretch and yawn
All impostors gone
Once again
these chromosomes hell 

Still these guns blaze on a ten hour swing shift 

Who I had thoroughly wanted to rip shit 

Grab the rags and towels
like Betty Y
Minus that fatal chromosome
Her hair is like the wine dark sea
On which sailors come home
I say "hey baby, I say, hey Betty X
(I lean
All alone, I think about you night and day 
The sex, the skin, yeah yeah 
You make me want to stay 
All day don't walk away I'm inside you
science of death, MC design
Let it be the main line in a text from vein to mind
Let the chromosomes attack, simulate your fate
Ship-shape in the matrix,
One two buckle that fool, 
He's fucking with me, if he's fucking with you
Hillwood to my bones, to my chromosomes
Got 2 44's so I'm not home alone
and doo-doo is brown
Life is uphill but, not when you get down

Sticks and stones, flesh and bones
+Organic Electricity+ chromosomes
I'm home alone,

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