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Yamps choice, no rolls royce but I keep it moist
I keep it saucy, ya bossy bitch talkin' that costly shit
Bossy bitch think she too flossy to trip
Kool-Aid pimpin' keep on dippin'
Sippin' yac with a yamp, puttin' hoes on they back
It's like that

Everyone want to know how a pimp can do his thing
smoke you out today 

Yo, 'cause I'm a real little hippie ass stoner (right on)
Hit me when you wanna come up (Yamp)
Giving motivation only fucking
You are now fuckin' around with the coolest
Whenever I get included (Included)
Yiggity yamp
Showin' love to my squad
You ain't takin' over my job
In a Major Way, yamp
And Bone dropped E. 1999
It's been 20 years since 1995

Yo, I can tell they wasn't gon' be laughing at me later
Now the same
I said that's a long shot
We flew him to Denver to see our show and said you fuck with this shit?
He said, "Shit nigga, yiggity yamp, I'm up in this