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Who's Country Mike
I'm Country Mike
Where's Country Mike
Here's Country Mike
Who's Country Mike
I'm Country Mike
Yeah Country Mike
Country rocks but bluegrass rules !
(by Bob Marley)

Rainbow country, rainbow country
Rainbow country, rainbow country
Rainbow country, rainbow country

Hey lovely people you sure look
who I am
And if you ain't, well, kiss my ham
Country is as country does and I'm country to the bone

Country is as country does
It's the way I am
No need to worry 
Folks in a hurry 
leave them behind you 
no one can find you 
House in the country 
House in the country 
All the relaxin'
Country is sittin' on the back porch listen to the whippoorwills late in the day
Country is mindin' your business helpin' a stranger if he comes
We stood and watched the river flow
We were too young to really know
In the country fair
Oh, in the country fair

We laid out in the long green
The city streets are friendless and cold I walk them mile after mile
I'm a country boy a singing the blues the blues country style
Nobody stops
A rose grows wild in the country
A tree grows tall as the sky
The wind blows wild in the country
And part of the wild, wild country, am I

got a little country, got a little country
Got a little country in her

Ah yeah

Friday, Soho
That's where all the cool, cool people go
Country women now, what you gonna do with your life
Country women now, why don't you get out of this life
Leave my life alone
The first time I met
move around
Look down at my toes and I can still see the ground
Give me that country side of life
Where I can stretch out right
Give me the country
Country boy
Ain't got no shoes
Country boy
Ain't got no blues

Well you work all day while you're waitin' to play
In the sun and the sand, with
Turn up the juice
Put me in the spotlight
And turn me loose

You better hold on tight
This country's gonna rock tonight

This country's
are slow to go
Let there be country and let the country grow
Let there be country let the music roll along
Let there be country and let me share
Well I like my lovin' done country style and this little girl would walk a country mile
To find her a good ole slow talkin' country boy I said
Ten thousand miles away
Matchstick people burning

Ever far away
Some brown people
Mother turns our light into the darkness

Another Country's
Country roads take me home to the place I belong
Ol' Virginia, mountain mama take me home country roads

I hear her voice in the morning as she calls me
How I long once more to be with my friends
At the old country church
There's a place dear to me where I'm longing to be
With my friends at the old
the West was really wild
And I was listenin' to the Opry
When all of my friends were diggin' rock 'n' roll
And rhythm and blues
I was country, when
the West was really wild

And I was listenin' to the Opry
When all of my friends 
were diggin' Rock 'n Roll and Rhythm & Blues
I was Country, when
When I was a younger man
Got lucky with a rock 'n' roll band
Struck gold in Hollywood
All that time I knew I would
Get back to the country
a Ford
Country ain't country no more

He told his daddy, "catch up with the times"
He said, "nowadays people trade heifers online"
Well dad ain't
Come out, and live with a religious community in a beautiful place out in the country
Well I was raised on country classics
Like Roy Acuff and George Jones
Lord, I loved to hear 'em
But I really got excited 'bout the time I turned

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